Acclaim from the Press

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Fashion Magazine: "L.A. Story 48 hours"
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Daily Breeze: "Take the Kids, Young at Art"
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Los Angeles Time's Calendar Section: "More than a Walk in the Art"
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LA.COM: "Art from Start to Finish"
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RItz Carlton LA Press Release: "Downtown Los Angeles Art & Architecture in Style Package"
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Downtown LA Blog: "Ritz-Carlton looks to Attract Visitors with a Slice of Downton Art"
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Sydney Morning Herald: "the Museum Mile"
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Agenda Magazine: "Wine, Women and COSTUMES from the Movies"
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Los Angeles Magazine: "Social Study"
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About.Com: "Quick Culture: Private Customized Arts Tours in LA"
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Beverly Hills Courier: "Youngsters Learn Art Appreciation"
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Acclaim from the Kids

 ¨ “We were worried that our visit to the art museum would be boring and it wasn’t at all! It was Fun!”     Stella and Jack, ages 6 and 7, Santa Monica, CA.


 ¨ “I liked the abstract art and learning about all the techniques the artists used - plus it was a great learning experience and it was soooo much fun!”     Morgan, age 11, Los Angeles, CA


 ¨ “Thank you for giving us your awesome tour of the art museum. We really liked the mummy!” J.T., age 9 and Sam, age 11, Fort Worth, Texas.

Acclaim from the Experts

¨ "Your kids will go crazy for QUICK CULTURE! They will be challenged and excited by this special day at the museum. Children will be given the opportunity to think about art as a vibrant, multidimensional part of their everyday lives. The adults will begin to look at art from a new perspective as well. You really have to experience this amazing adventure!" Donna Corwin, Author, Journalist (parenting and psychology publications)


¨ ”QUICK CULTURE for Kids makes art come alive. The private tours are fun, not only for the kids but for us adults who tag along. They open your eyes to fresh ways of seeing and make you think about art with new understanding. What you take away will be used for years and years of art appreciation.”   Karen B. Winnick, Author & Illustrator, children’s books


¨  “ A terrific way to bring art masterpieces to life for the youngest of audiences and plant seeds for a lifelong appreciation for the arts..”   Amy Schatz, Director/Producer, HBO - Classical Baby

Acclaim from the Adults

¨ We took our nephews on a Quick Culture tour and they haven’t stopped talking about it. As a matter of fact, they didn’t want the tour to end. The QC guide made art fun and engaging while educational. The adults enjoyed it as well. The perfect way to introduce children to them museum.”     Lorin T, New York City, NY


¨ “This is very cool idea...you guys have really come up with an event that is creative, educational and interesting. Thanks for offering up something different and provocative!” Jenn, LA, CA


¨ “Everyone had a great time and I thought you did an excellent job of 1) informing children of simple concepts about the art, 2) interaction with children vis a vis getting their response to your questions, and 3) having a vibrant personality that captured the children’s attention!   I am so grateful that you are doing this with children. It was a fantastic day that exceeded my expectations!!!!!!!!!!”       Robin, Los Angeles, CA  


¨ “My children had so much fun on your tour. It was exciting, focused and interactive all at the same time. We really appreciated your in-depth knowledge and insight into the selection of pieces you showed all of us. Quick Culture definitely enhanced our experience.”      Caren G., Santa Monica, CA


¨ “As a single parent, it is often difficult to come up with interesting things to do with my daughter, who’s 11, on the weekends. I basically had to convince her to go on the tour but wound up being surprised about how much fun it was for both of us!”   Seth H., Orange, CA.


¨ “My daughter and granddaughter took me on the Quick Culture for Kids tour. It was great to see Melanie light up when Charlotte showed her how sculptures were made with a mold.   I can’t wait to go with my other grandchildren.”   Lynne, C., Beverly Hills, CA.