Art & Culture

“Art & Culture” is an afterschool art appreciation enrichment program offered by Quick Culture. It is a fun and educational 8 week adventure of art and culture. No art ability is necessary! By engaging children in conversation, Quick Culture makes it entertaining and informative at the same time! We guide children on how to look at and what to look for in both the creative and visual arts. As a result, they become more culturally aware, express their ideas more articulately and develop better language skills.


The first session starts with a 2-hour visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where we lead the children on an interactive and captivating tour of the museum that will deepen their understanding of the elements and various mediums of art and the influences of master artists’ diverse styles. In subsequent weeks, we will have 1-hour hands-on activities and lessons in art history at the school that will reinforce what they have learned at the museum. In addition, experts will visit the classroom to exhibit and talk about their unique and individual approaches to their specific craft. These will include a children’s book writer and illustrator, professionals in the film industry, and varied artists. By exposure, demonstration, and the encouragement to participate in discussions, the children will gain knowledge that will affect their perspective of the world around them for the rest of their lives. Our ending session strengthens all that they have experienced and learned by taking a 2-hour “walk and talk” tour of the neighborhood’s galleries and public art with their “new” eyes and cultural awareness.





Create your own Cezanne!

Use your imagination!

Paul Cezanne, French 1839-1906

Ginger Jar and Fruit, 1895

Oil on Canvas 28 ¼” x 23 ¼”

Barnes Foundation Collection